How People Should Live Their Lives

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How People Should Live Their Lives
???The Giver??? is written by Lois Lowry. The book is about a perfect community where people do not know what is hunger or war. People in this book live in peace and harmony, but without love or freedom. These people should follow many rules. Also, the population of the community is regulating. However, in the real world there are few places where population is regulating. And there is the question- If we want to live in peace do we have to control the population in the world Population should not be regulated, but people should think very carefully how they are going raise their kids before making them, because every person in the world should be and is born for joy not for sorrow.
In the book a family can have only 2 kids. But how the community stops people from having more than 2 kids The community controls everything by having many rules. One of them is that a family cannot make their own kids. A family can have kids only if the members of the family apply for them and get approved ???The year we got Lily, we knew of course, that we??™d receive our female, because we??™d mad our application and been approved.???(12) All this means that people are afraid of the government or they don??™t know how they can live their own life and having their own kids without asking any permission. All this is very sad and brutal from the community if the know the other kind of life. People should not allow other people to tell them of a family can or cannot have their own children because it is inhuman.
Another kind of control is that the community in the book allows families to have only 1 boy and 1 girl for kids. However, to make the rule works the families not only cannot make their own kids, but their kids are made from special Birthmothers. It is not only bad for the families and the connection between their kids but also the effects the birth mothers because they ???the Birthmothers never even get to see new children??? (22). Birth mothers in the community give to birth 3 kids and they cannot see the kids after the birth. This could make them mentally to collapse. These kinds of rules should not be allowed because they could wreak havoc the people.
In the real world there are some places where the population of the people is trying to be controlled. One country is China. The population in China is very big and many people live poor and very sad life. The Chinese government allows family to have only one child. In the past, the most popular birth control is sterilization and abortion. Even though that Chinese rules are strict China never used other women for Birthmothers like the community in the book did. Perhaps, if the Chinese government tries the same rules there will be rebellion against the government. People there know what kind of joy the birth of a child could bring in the family and many people will be not agreeing to obey rule that is saying that somebody else should give birth to your child.
The population of the different communities should not be regulated or controlled the way that the government in the book is doing because is inhumanity. People should not live this kind of life when there is no visible reason of doing it. In these days families around the world have the rights to make their own kids and people should see that and how happy can be without looking some crazy music or movie stars that don??™t want to have birth because they don??™t want to change their bodies. People can enjoy the life without thinking if they are going to have chance to make their own child because they have this opportunity.

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