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Coping with Life Events

Coping With Life Events And Promoting Mental Health And Adaptation.
Good Morning
This Presentation Is On Coping With Life Events And Promoting Mental Health And Adaptation
I Will Introduce My Patient Taking Into Account The Confidentiality Statement By The Nmc Professional Code Of Conduct, 2008 And The Ten Essential Capabilities A Frame Work For All Mental Health Professionals . I Will Talk About Recovery And Research, And Then I Will Give My Conclusion.
Confidentiality Statement
According The Nmc Code Of Conduct, (2008) Patient Confidentiality Must Be Kept;
This Demonstrates Dignity And Respect For The Individual. In This Presentationmy Patient??™s Name Has Been Pseudomised And I Will Call Him Sam.
Doh, 2004 Developed A Framework Through Collaboration With Service Users To Promote Attitudes Associated With Quality Mental Health Services I, These Are The Ten Essential Capabilities.
All Mental Health Professional Are Expected To Adhere To That Guidance Which Is Beneficial To Both Staff And Patients
Sam Is A 35 Years Old Man With A Diagnosis Of Schizophrenia Which Has Been Maintained On Antipsychotics For The Past Ten Years, One Of Which Is Risperdal Consta Depot 50 Mg. His Psychosis Was Made Worse By Substance Misuse. Shergil, 2009
Sam Is The Second Of Three Brothers; He Was Raised By His Grandmother With Whom He Formed An Attachment
Another Important Attachment Figure Was His Girlfriend Whom He Intended To Marry And Have A Family With.
Sam Lives Alone And Was Working In A Local Firm As An Accountant Until Three Years Ago When He Became Unwell.
The Parents And Siblings Are Very Supportive Of Sam.
An Attachment Is An Emotional Relationship Involving People In Which Separation From The Other Leads To Sorrow And Distress (Bowlby, 1990)
Life Events
A Life Event Is Defined As A Human Experience Causing Disturbance And In Need Of Adaptation Efforts (Rice, 2000)
Goodyer, 1990 States A Life Event Is Any Occurrence In The Life Of An Individual Having The Potential To Alter His Present Mental Or Physical Wellbeing.
Life Events Need Not To Be Catastrophic In Nature; Even The Normal Necessary Life Events Are Potential Stressors. Example Of Life Events Are, Birth Of A Child, New Job, Promotion (Good) Separation Or Divorce Of Loved Ones And Death. (Bad)
Sam Experienced Two Live Events; The Death Of His Grandmother Who Died In Her Sleep And The Breakup Of His Relationship.
These Two Life Events Caused Sam Distress. A Stressful Event Is Defined As A Stressor.(Rice, 2000)
The Psychological Impact Of The Life Events On Sam Was Loss, Leading Sam To Experiencing Anxiety With Symptoms Of Panic, Headache And Muscle Tensions And Fear.
(Hogan And Brosan, 2007), Define Anxiety As A Mixture Of Negative Emotions And Is One Of The Most Universal Emotions.

The Major Life Event Experienced By Sam Was The Death Of His Grandmother Which Led To The Deterioration Of His Mental State; Hearing Voices And Responding To Hallucinations,
Hence The Girl Living Because Probably She Could Not Cope With His Illness, This Resulted In Sam??™s Anxiety Being Heightened.
Folkman And Lazarus, 1980) Defines Coping As The Ability To Deal With A Prevailing Situation, Taking Into Account Culture And The Environment,Goals And Beliefs
Coping Can Be Adaptive, When The Individual Is Master Over The Stressor And Maladaptive Which Is Non Coping.
In Order To Cope With The Stress, Sam Used Defence Mechanism Which Is An Unconcious Mental Process Used By The Ego To Reduce Anxiety.
Which When Used Short Term Can Adaptive.
Adaptive Coping Reduces Psychological And Emotional Distress.
Sam Used Denial, Refusing To Accept That The Relationship Was Over; Refusing To Accept The Reality Of What Had Transpired.
He Also Isolated Himself, Stopped Going To Work, Spending His Time Drinking Alcohol, Abusing Substance Or Sleeping.
Sam Rationalised His Alcohol Consumption And Substance Misuse By Saying He Was Too Stressed To Stay Sober.
Sam??™s Coping Became Maladaptive As He Continued Drinking Alcohol Excessively And Abusing Drugs.
Coping Strategies
In Order To Help Sam Cope, We Worked In Collaboration With Sam, To Identify Coping Strategies Suitable For Him.
The Need For Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Cbt) Was Identified And Sam Agreed To Have A Session With The Psychologist And Other Members Of The Professional Care Team, The First Session Was Good Because Sam Was Able To Control Emotional Distress And Keeping His Anxiety To A Minimum
Sam Worked, In Collaboration With Staff Organised A Group Of Individuals With Similar Problems For The Purpose Of Identifying Activities That Could Improve Wellbeing.
Tailored Activities Preferred By Sam And Peers Were, Group Walking, Going To The Gym, And Socialisation, These Were Implimented And Sam Engaged.
Sam Agreed To Talk About His Expirince And To Receive Feedback.
Good Communication Skills Was Needed To Achieve This.
400 Individuals Receiving Mental Health Services, In A Survey Carried Out By Nice, In 2005, Supported Sam??™s Coping Strategies, All Said That While Medicines Were Helpful, Like Sam They Preferred Other Ways Of Dealing With Stressors.
Sam Opted For Leisure, Hobbies Companionship And Sharing Experiences And Interests With Others, Sam Said He Would Consider Fishing As A Hobby.
Developmental Stages
Erikson, 1994, Describes The Physical, Emotional And Psychological Stages Of Development And Relates Them To Developmental Task At Each Stage.
At 35 Sam Was At Level Seven, Which Is Middle Adulthood, 30-60: Generativity Versus Stagnation. At This Stage Individuals Establish Their Careers, Settle Down Within A Relationship And Begin A Family.
Productively Sam Was Working, In A Relationship And Ready To Settle, The Life Events Affected Him Negatively And Stagnation Set In, He Stopped Working, Suffered Loss Of Income, He Could Not Pay His Bills, Lost His Self-Esteem And Isolated Himself, He Was Afraid To Start Another Relationship.

Mental Health Promotion
Doh (2001) Mental Health Promotion Is A Framework That Underpins Social Inclusion And Participation As Well As Reducing Discrimination And Challenging Inequalities.
Sam Has Been Included In The Planning And Implimenation Of His Care, This Achieves Empowerment For Sam And Helps Him To Regain His Confidence,
This Can Be Achieved By Using Mental Health Promotion Model Which Aims At Increasing The Client??™s Wellbeing Through Education.
It Is Also An Action To Help Identify Needs And Strengths Of The Individual.
For Sam One Need Identified Was For Him To Have Good Nutrition As He Had Started Eating A Lot Of Unhealthy Foods To Improve His Mental Wellbeing. (Bates, 2009). Sam Was Advised To Consider Having Fish A Good Source Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids To Promote Recovery (Brown Et Al, 2009). Watts, 2008 States That Regular Consumption Of Fish Controls Psychotic Disorders.
For Sam another Need Was Recovery Which Is Defined As A Process Allowing People To Have Control Of Their Lives (Deegan, 1998)The Influence Of Mental Health Promotion On My Practice As A Nurse Is To Enable A Holistic, Person Centred Care Based On The Principle Of Recovery Which Respects Individuality, Choice, Diversity And Values.
To Deliver Safe And Effective Evidence Based Care And Promotion Of Social Inclusion And Valuing People As Individuals. Not Trivialising Beliefs Held Dear By The Client By Taking Into Account Cultural Factors. (Repper and Perkins, 2003).
To Practice Ethically As I Consider Various Interventions For My Clients.Partnership
Sam, His Family And The Staff Have Formed An Effective Partnership In His Care Process By Engaging Sam In Planning For His Care, And Forming An Alliance Which Is Therapeutic. Peplau, 1998 Refers To This As The Human Connection Which Heals.
Quality Of Life Research, 1997, On Coping Strategies Was Conducted Involving 135 Men And 133 Women, These Two Groups Were Then Divided Into Three Age Groups, 26-40, 41-55, 56-70, The Results Were That The Men Used The Confrontational, Optimistic And Self Reliant Coping Style.
Women Used the Supportive Copping Style,
The Younger Used The Emotive Coping Style.
My Views Are That the Figures Used Did Not Represent The Majority, However All Gender Were Represented, Culturally There Was No Representation
Life Events Can Affect Anyone, Sam Experienced Life Events Which Where the Stressors. The Stressor Were the Triggers to the Anxiety
Coping Strategies Were Implemented By Sam Resulting In The Anxiety Being Reduced.

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9780324832945, Principles of Economics, 4e, N. Gregory Mankiw – ?© Cengage Learning


Coping with Electronic Commerce

Coping With Electronic Commerce:Electronic Patient InformationBusiness 107June 06, 2009Coping With Electronic Commerce:In The Auto Insurance World Over the last three decades, the meaning of electronic commerce has changed. At first electronic commerce meant the facilitation of commercial transactions electronically. Now electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce, can be defined as business actives conducted using electronic data transmission over the Internet and the World Wide Web. Other transactions included in conducting e-commerce could be businesses trading with other businesses and internal processes that companies use to support their buying, hiring, planning, selling, and other activities. There are five general electronic commerce categories which are: business-to-consumer, business-to-business, business processes, consumer-to-consumer, and business-to government (Schneider, 2009, p. 5). The most common categories of the five are business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and business processes. For decades many auto insurance companies focused on streamlining much of their business via the internet. This was a push to move towards increasing profits, decreasing cost, and having a more paperless system. Progressive insurance company has had tremendous success with e-commerce. After reading this paper one will have a better understanding on the background of Progressive and their past business successes with the help of e-commerce. From their humble beginnings of 1937, Progressive has flourished into one of the largest auto insurance groups in the country. They provide personal and commercial automobile insurance and other specialty property-casualty insurance. It was on March 10, 1937, when Joseph Lewis and Jack Green started Progressive Mutual Insurance Company. They were lawyers were looking for a good investment and wanted to provide vehicle owners with security and protection. From their beginnings, Progressive has been a front runner for new and innovative techniques to auto insurance. Progressive was the first auto insurer to offer drive-in claims service and to allow customers to pay their premiums in installments. One of Progressive goals is to make auto insurance accessible and easy so more people could protect their vehicles and in return bring big profits. Progressive has experience an upswing up growth since the early 50??™s and which help fuel the decision to become a public company in 1971. In 1987, Progressive surpassed $1 billion in premiums and that same year the New York Stock Exchange listed their stock under the PGR symbol (Progressive, 2009). They currently have over 28,000 employees in more than 450 offices throughout the country. Progressive business philosophy was to approach auto insurance in an innovative way, setting them apart from their competitors. Progressive is definitely utilizing the first-mover advantage, which is a strategy that companies use to gain a competitive edge. First-mover advantage is defined as the benefit a company can gain by introducing a product or service before its competitors. Progressive has had a host of accolades and achievements (Progressive, 2009): ??? In 1990, Progressive introduced Immediate Response?® claims service, which is available 24/7, to provide customers with personal service and support immediately after they have reported a claim. ??? In 1994, Progressive was the first to introduce Immediate Response?® Vehicle (IRV), which is a specially marked vehicle that brought trained claims professionals to wherever customers needed them. ??? In 1995, Progressive was the first major auto insurer in the world to launch a Web site, which push them ahead of their competitors by gaining momentum in the online world. ??? In 2003, Progressive was the first to launch a concierge level of claim service by allowing customers to drop off their cars at a claims service center for repairs and they pick their customers up once the repairs are complete. ??? In 2008, earns the No.1 spot on the Keynote Systems Q4 2008 Insurance Carrier Scorecard and has won every scorecard published since 2004 and has held the top spot for 13 of the last 14 scorecard rankings published since 2000. By Progressive being the first auto insurer it placed them at the forefront of the online world of technology, giving them an edge over their competitors like State Farm, Allstate, GEICO, and USAA. Progressive is known for being one of the more innovative insurance companies. Many consumers would agree the reason they utilize the internet is because of lower prices, convenience, and personalization; Progressive gives consumers those more times over. Some of the benefits of Progressive using e-commerce are increasing revenue, ability to reach more consumers, and saving the company money in the process. Also, a benefit e-commerce provides within the workplace is that it allows people to work more effectively by enabling employees to telecommute. Progressive has a vast array items that can be done on their site, such as (Progressive, 2009): ??? Policy Service and Management ??” which allows policyholders to log in to update information, make payments, get vehicle recall information and more. ??? Online Claims Reporting ??” allows policyholders to log in to report auto accidents and glass claims. ??? Rate Ticker ??” which shows a scrolling rate ticker displaying actual Progressive Direct auto insurance rates side-by-side with those of other top auto insurers. ??? Agent Locator ??” allows anyone to search for local independent insurance agents by entering a ZIP code or by selecting the type of insurance one would like to buy. ??? Talk to Me ??” is Progressive??™s online customer service feature that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to allow online shoppers who have questions about their Progressive Direct auto insurance quote to click on an icon and talk to a representative over the Internet or have a representative call them directly. ??? Instant Quotes ??” allows anyone who wants to purchase online or through an agent, to be able to receive online insurance quotes. In conclusion, Progressive has proved that much success can be gain through e-commerce. They have set the staged for their competitors to follow but Progressive is very keen on technology and truly understands its value. Progressive is definitely on the right path with utilizing e-commerce and is showing continued success over their competitors. Their use of the e-commerce business solution in their line of business has proved the benefits to e-commerce. Progressive use of e-commerce has help increase speed and accuracy with which they can exchange information, which reduces costs on both sides of the fence. In complete support of Progressive??™s current e-business process, they should continue with their innovative ideas on servicing consumers online. Progressive will continue to thrive by offering increasingly innovative products and services. ReferencesCrane, M., Farrell, M., LaMotta, L. & Nelson, B. (2008). Try These Innovative Marketing Techniques. Retrieved September 29, 2008, from Forbes website: cx_mf_0929innovativemarketing.htmlKurtz, D. (2008). Contemporary Marketing (13th ed.): Lachina Publishing ServicesProgressive, Retrieved May 18, 2009, from Progressive website:, G. (2009). Electronic Commerce (8th ed.): GEX Publishing ServicesWikipedia, Retrieved June 4, 2009, from Wikipedia website:, Retrieved June 2, 2009, from Wikipedia website: ———————–
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