Day: March 31, 2017

How Newcomers the Decline of the Earths Environment

Earth is one of the most beautiful planets in the universe. It supports life and numerous
species. But, today Earth is suffering many environmental problems. The water, air , soil, and
everything is polluted. The environmental situation are becoming worse day by day. What are
the most important issues impact our environment How to save earths environment Let us
discuss as following.
Global warming and climate change
Earths temperature increasing, which is directly connected to the percentage of CO2 present in

the earths atmosphere. The earth gets its warmth from the green house effect. Due to the increasing percentage of greenhouse gases, the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day. As a result, the worldwide sea level rising and climate changes a lot.DeforestationForests are an important part of the ecological cycle. They are a good source of oxygen, rainfall, moisture, etc. But deforestation has brought huge change in the ecological balance of the earth. It takes years for a tree to grow, but, every year approximately 16 million forests are cut down for different purposes. Consequently, it has resulted in a climate changing, less rainfall, soil erosion and wild animals be hurt, etc.Ozone Layer DepletionOzone is a protective layer which saves the earth from ultra harmful rays of the sun. But due to the emission of the gases, the ozone layer is getting depleted. If the emission of these harmful gases are not checked, the ozone layer will disappear very soon. This may make the human beings exposed under harmful radiations which can cause skin cancer. PollutionThere are many types of environmental pollution: water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution,
noise pollution, etc. All of these pollutions are very harmful. It can cause a serious impact on living beings.WasteThe amount of harmful and toxic wastes have increased. Many manufacture industries whichhave waste materials and do not process them properly; then, dumping it in land or water which results in the toxification of soil and water. OverpopulationAccording to the United Nations World Population Prospects report, the current population is growing by 74 million people per year approximately. It causes a very serious problems, like Insufficient land, resources, food, and other basic necessity.
As above mentioned, the earth suffers serious environmental problems. Without second
thinking, find out ways to save the beautiful planet-earth will be the most important issue. We
may use as following way:
Go Green to Save EarthTo save the planet we should go green. Plant more trees near your residence or workplace. Plant
a tree every month, encouraging your friends or coworkers to join you.
Save energy and water
Save energy can be reducing the energy crisis and saving our nature. By means of switch off all
electrical appliances when they are not in use. Try to avoid non renewable energy sources and
focus on renewable energy like solar energy. In addition, water is life. We cannot survive
without water, trying to save water, reserve rainwater and stop water pollution.
Life style change
* Use things which are not harmful to nature and can be recycled. For example, to stop using plastic bags and bottles or avoid using papers.
* Walk more, drive less. We may choose to walk short distances instead of taking your car every time. In order to save using gas and oil for your vehicles, trying to use bicycles or go walking to school or working place.
* Retrofitting your home with solar energy
* Starting a backyard garden composting, then, recycling food and garden wastes into your soil
* Choosing low-impact recreation, such as canoeing rather than jet-skiing
* living closer to your work place In conclusion, Earth was an abundant and benign planet that provided enough for everyone.
To be one of globe village citizens in earth, we have responsibility and obligation to cherish our
natural resources, making best effort to solve our environmental problems and improving our
living place. It has no doubt that we need to provide a wonderful planet-“Earth” for our
generations to live. warming ??¦Edward F. Bergman and William H. Renwick
2.Lifestyle Changes??¦.Richard T. Wright and Dorothy F. Boorse

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WINDOWS 7 KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Switch between open windows?  | Alt + Tab?  |
Minimize/restore all but the active window?  | Windows key + Home?  |
Minimize all windows?  | Windows key + M?  |
Maximize window?  | Windows key + up-arrow?  |
Minimize/restore window?  | Windows key + down-arrow?  |
Make all windows transparent so you can see the desktop?  | Windows key + spacebar?  |
Dock window to left or right half of screen?  | Windows key + left- or right-arrow?  |
Zoom in/out
? ? (In the default view, you must zoom in before zooming out.)?  | Windows key + plus/minus sign?  |
Lock screen?  | Windows key + L?  |
Open Run dialog?  | Windows key + R?  |
Open Search box?  | Windows key + F?  |
Open Windows Explorer to computer?  | Windows key + E?  |
Expand Folders view in Win Explorer to show where you are?  | Control + Shift + E?  |
Go up a level in Windows Explorer?  | Alt + up-arrow?  |
Choose display mode/switch monitors
? ? (Especially useful for presenters or dual-monitor users)?  | Windows key + P?  |
Launch apps pinned to the Taskbar
? ? (1 is the left-most app; Windows Key+T cycles through all apps.)?  | Windows key + (number 1-9)?  |
Cycle through Gadgets?  | Windows key + G?  |
Rotate a picture clockwise
? ? (Or use comma for counterclockwise)?  | Control + period?  |
Use Control-click to select the pictures in a folder you need to rotate, then rotate them all at once.?  |
Turn Sticky Keys on and off?  | Press Shift five times?  |
Although keyboard shortcuts can be real time-savers, sometimes its hard to press multiple keys at once, (especially while youre eating a sandwich or holding your phone in one hand). The Windows Sticky Keys feature lets you press one key at a time as you enter a shortcut. You can turn on Sticky Keys permanently by using the Control Panels Ease of Access Center options.?  |
Turn Mouse Keys on and off?  | Left-Alt + left-Shift + Num Lock?  |
Shortcut | Command | How useful() |
GeneralInternet Explorer 8 |
F11 | Turn Full Screen Mode on or off | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ |
TAB | Cycle through the Address Bar, Refresh button, Search Box, and items on a web page | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ |
CTRL+F | Find a word or phrase on a page | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ |
CTRL+N | Open the current webpage in a new window | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ |
CTRL+P | Print the page | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ |
CTRL+A | Select all items on the page | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ |
CTRL+PLUS | Zoom in | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ |
CTRL+MINUS | Zoom out | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ |
CTRL+0 | Zoom to 100% | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | ?  |
Navigation shortcutsInternet Explorer 8 | |
ALT+HOME | Go to home page | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
ALT+LEFT | Go backward | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
ALT+RIGHT | Go forward | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
F5 | Refresh page | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+F5 | Refresh page and the cache | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
ESC | Stop downloading page | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | | ?  |
Favorites Center shortcutsInternet Explorer 8 | |
CTRL+I | Open Favorites | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+SHFT+I | Open Favorites in pinned mode | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+B | Organize Favorites | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+D | Add current page to Favorites | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
| |
CTRL+J | Open Feeds | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+SHFT+J | Open Feeds in pinned mode | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+H | Open History | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+SHFT+H | Open History in pinned mode | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | | ?  |
Tab shortcutsInternet Explorer 8 | |
Middle mouse button or CTRL+left mouse button | Open link in new background tab | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+SHFT+left mouse button or CTRL+SHFT+middle mouse button | Open link in new foreground tab | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
Middle mouse button on the tab or CTRL+W | Close tab (closes window if only one tab is open) | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+Q | Open Quick Tab view | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+T | Open new tab | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+SHFT+Q | View list of open tabs | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+TAB | Switch to next tab | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+SHFT+TAB | Switch to previous tab | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | | ?  |
Address Bar shortcutsInternet Explorer 8 | |
ALT+D | Select the Address Bar | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+ENTER | Add http://www. to the beginning and .com to the end of text in Address Bar | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+SHFT+ENTER | Add http://www. to the beginning and the website address suffix you have specified to the end of text in the Address Bar* | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
ALT+ENTER | Open the website address that is typed in the Address Bar in new tab | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
F4 | View list of previously typed addresses | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | | ?  |
Instant Search BoxInternet Explorer 8 | |
CTRL+E | Select the Instant Search Box | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
CTRL+DOWN | View list of search providers | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |
ALT+ENTER | Open search results in new tab | + ?  ?  ?  ??“ | |


How Musicians Increasingly Rely on Stocks and Bonds

How Musicians Increasingly Rely on Stocks and Bonds The value of a cello or violin can go up or down just like the value of shares in a company. A depends on how the instrument is cared for. If is it mistreated, the value will go down. In addition, if it is treated correctly and cared for the value can go up. Another thing that affects the value of these instruments is the type of wood they are made out of. In order for a cello or violin to be liquidated, there would have to be people who are will to purchases them. As far as shares of stock in a major U.S. corporation, the shares can be liquidated easer, because they are being sold off and people are buying them. When you purchase a cello or violin, you own the instrument, which means you are the only one who has shares in it. When you purchase shares in a company, you are not the only one who has them which can make it easier to sell.
I think a cello or a violin could be more liquid than shares of stock of a major corporation. A musical instrument is a visual thing. Regular stock can go down quick. The value of a musical instrument is unlikely to go down as easily as regular stock is. Especially if the musician has talent. Good music is like a good wine aged to perfection.
The shares in a cello or a violin are less liquid because they are musical instruments. The value of a cello or violin depends greatly on the care put into keeping the instrument in its original condition and the depreciation value throughout the life of the instrument.
In terms of comparing shares in a cello or any other musical instrument for the matter and shares in a major U.S. corporation, I think that the value in any musical instrument can both increase and decrease over time. There is never a time that shares in a corporation do not have their moments of fluctuation. If you want to be realistic about the value of a cello or violin, as well as a car or computer for example, the value of the object can be determined by the care that is put into it over time. A cello or violin can be valued at a high price if over the years if it is kept in a safe place away from anything that could damage it. On the other hand, if it is left out for liquids to get inside it and for things to scratch it, it will definitely lose value. On the other hand, share in U.S. corporation involves more than one person having access or being involved with the shares, purchasing a house, car, phone service, etc. and of course a unique instrument, you are the only a shareholder. When investing and purchasing shares, stock, or anything valuable , you as a buyer have to make sure that you are making decisions that will benefit you in the best way.
In my opinion, after reading the web page “Whos Who in Bowie Bonds” it appears that the market value of the first Bowie Bonds would more than likely become very valuable because of David Bowies come back. To me is seems that the value of the bonds would increase with his comeback. The theory of efficient markets would not apply to the shares of stock in cellos, violins, or rock bands because they are not liquid-able. Rock bands eventually fade out while the cellos and violins depreciate over the life of each instrument. Although these instruments and the rock bands have seen an increase in the sale of shares, it is sometimes very hard to get investors who are willing to invest in either.
The theory of efficient markets cannot apply to shares of stocks in cellos or violins because those are musical instruments and there is no actual exchange for musical instrument although they can be very valuable pieces of antiques. However, shares can be sold from a band and the revenues from CDs sold would be shared among the company, band members and investors.


Controversy in Hip Hop Subculture

Controversy in Hip Hop Subculture
For the last ten years hip hop has state one as one of the most popular, and successful type of music here in the United States. Artists are successfully becoming rich in these short amounts of time as being a result of selling millions of copies of their albums. The music of hip hop has been a controversial topic for many years because of its offensive lyrics, and influence of violence to the general public. Activists are fighting to pass a measure in congress that would possibly restrict rappers from using their negative lyrics. Their goal is to save the reputation of hip hop and stop the bad usage of curse words, and offensive messages to certain groups of people. People would not stop acting violent if censorship would be enforced to hip hop.
Censorship is not the answer for solving the issue of violence in the society. The reason why hip hop is so popular is because the rappers are allowed their freedom of speech and express themselves in their songs the way they chose to. Some rappers write about the things that they experience for example being in the clubs, growing up in poor neighborhoods, spending money and of course women. This relates to how some teenagers or even adults live their lives and even if they do not live this life they get an outlook of what the lifestyle is like based on the lyrics that they hear.
When it comes to women in the hip hop world there is a lot of controversy. Most people say that the way many rappers put these women in their videos is degrading to most women and shows that most men have no self-respect for them as individuals. As Hannah O??™Connor stated, ???Hip hop and the so-called gangsta rap sub-genre in particular is notorious for the exploitation of women and sexually explicit lyrics, there??™s no doubt about it. Politician and anti-rap activist C. Delores Tucker called the genre “pornographic fifth,” claiming that it was demeaning and offensive to African-American women.??? Most women that are in these videos have no shame in showing off their body but this is where the question comes in about women having more respect for their selves. This is one of the controversies that may need more attention.
???Some people, like John H. McWhorter in a 2003 article for City Journal, believe that hip-hop and rap music glorify violence, drug use and misogyny and influence listeners to commit crimes. Others, like rapper Xzibit, believe that hip-hop and rap music are merely a result of a tough, urban lifestyle and that artists are merely reflecting on the lifestyle they are forced to grow up in??? (Glimore). This is not necessarily true hip hop and rap music does not influence its listeners to commit any type of crime. People can control their actions and what they do it is not the music that they listen to. If a person is easily persuaded to do something just because of what a song says then obviously they do not need to listen to any music at all because not just hip hop music is offensive music. In ways Xzibit is right because many rappers in today??™s society just like the ones in the early beginning of hip hop rapped about their tough and hard lifestyle and what they all encountered coming up in the world.
Drug use is another controversy in the hip hop subculture. In most of the rap songs that are made today you hear many rappers talk about their love for what they call ???Mary Jane??? which is another word for marijuana. ???Admittedly the use of cannabis seems to be culturally accepted within the hip hop world (despite being an illegal substance in a vast majority of countries worldwide), as is explained in a 2006 XXL editorial by Byron Crawford, which called substance abuse “The new fourth element of hip-hop.” In the genre??™s lyricism, however, for just about every reference in favor drug abuse, there is one against??? (Stweart). In many ways marijuana is used constantly in most of the songs rappers make today. Marijuana is glorified by many rappers even though it is wrong and shouldn??™t be used it is still said that if other rappers can talk about it then others rappers should be able to voice their own opinion too.
Violence is said to be the most common controversy in hip hop. Many say that the violent things that are being done today are coming from the music that is being listened to. This is not true at all hip hop has a less influence in encouraging people to act violently. It is clear to say that hip hop has a small percent roll in why people act violent. ???Many overlook the powerful message of fighting oppression that such symbols represent. Critics are quick to recognize the word ???gun??™ in hip hop lyricism and seem to develop selective hearing with the messages that follow??? (Malone & Martinez). People have their own minds and control what they do and how they act it is not necessarily the media that has anything to do with the amount of violence being done in today??™s society. If the music and videos people watch today is that influencing then it along with many other music genres would be banned and prohibited.
The controversy within the hip hop culture will always be there. There is always going to be something that is going to come up to make people think why is this music still being made and why are these rappers still rapping and talking about the same thing. The different controversies that goes on within the subculture is what makes it what it is today. If there were no controversy in subcultures then most subcultures would not be what they are today and still growing. When people are involved in a certain subculture they are going to put their all into it to see and make sure that that subculture grows. Subcultures are just like big families that will do whatever it takes to stay together no matter what. Works Cited
Stewart, Jesse. “Real To Reel: Filmic Constructions Of Hip Hop Cultures And Hip Hop Identities.” Interdisciplinary Humanities 26.2 (2009): 49-67. Academic Search Complete. Web. 21 Mar. 2012.
Malone, Christopher, and George Martinez. “The Organic Globalizer: The Political Development Of Hip-Hop And The Prospects For Global Transformation.” New Political Science 32.4 (2010): 531-545. Academic Search Complete. Web. 21 Mar. 2012.
O??™Connor, Hannah. ???Controversy in Hip Hop: Misogyny, Violence, Weed & Hypersexuality.??? Rap/Hip Hop Music. (2010).Web. 22 Mar. 2012